Standard three-year guarantee

Applying Ceramic Guard to your car paint ensures a very high-gloss finish and extremely deep colour. In addition, Ceramic Guard provides optimum protection for your car against the effects of the weather.

Ceramic Guard gives a standard 3-year guarantee on treated paintwork. The guarantee can be extended to a lifetime guarantee with the Ceramic Guard 4life package.

The guarantee applies in all cases if the coating has been applied by a Ceramic Guard Specialist in accordance with the correct application conditions and methods.

You will find a guarantee sticker with your unique guarantee code on the guarantee certificate and in your car (usually in the door opening).

If there is a clearly visible reduction in shine and/or colour during the guarantee period despite the application of the maximum level of protection, the specialist named on this guarantee certificate will carry out the Ceramic Guard treatment again.

In addition to the high shine and deep colour, Ceramic Guard provides an extremely water-repellent protective layer to the car paint. This must be maintained throughout the guarantee period. We recommend you regularly wash your car with Ceramic Wash and treat it at least once a year with Ceramic Glaze.

Tip: remove bird droppings straight away

Bird droppings are renowned for the aggressive damage they do to paintwork. Although Ceramic Guard slows down the impact, bird droppings must be removed straight away with a soft, damp cloth or sponge. The damage caused by bird droppings can hardly ever be repaired and does not fall under the terms of the guarantee.

Ceramic Guard 4life

In addition to the standard three-year guarantee, it is also possible to opt for Ceramic Guard 4life: a lifetime guarantee for the Ceramic Guard coating. This exclusive treatment consists of an annual inspection and maintenance treatment. Ceramic Guard 4life provides a continuation of the guarantee period by one year each time. The three-year guarantee is carried forward, as it were. This means you can claim a lifetime guarantee on the protection of your car. Your Ceramic Guard Specialist can carry out this treatment for you for an extra payment.

How it works:

One year after the application of the Ceramic Guard coating, visit the specialist (or car dealer) who applied the coating. The specialist will inspect the paint and give you advice on the treatment. The treatment consists of applying the Ceramic Guard Xtender coating, which has been specially developed for this purpose and which maintains and strengthens the current Ceramic Guard Coating. CG Xtender also restores the extremely water-repellent properties of the existing Ceramic Guard coating. If there is any damage to or scratches on the paintwork, the specialist will remove these in consultation with you.*

Once this treatment has been applied, the guarantee is automatically extended for an extra year. (The standard three-year guarantee is carried forward.)

Following the treatment, the Ceramic Guard 4life card is filled in by your specialist (this is supplied with the standard guarantee certificate). It includes space for six treatments. If more treatments are required, an extra card is issued by your specialist.

By repeating this treatment every year, you can benefit from the advantages of Ceramic Guard on your car, such as the extremely deep shine and unique protection, hassle-free for life.

The lifetime guarantee lapses the moment that the annual maintenance service is no longer used. The guarantee then reverts back to the usual three-year period starting from the last time the coating was applied or restored.

*Extra costs are associated with this because damage and scratches do not fall under the terms of the guarantee.

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