Can Ceramic Guard be applied to a matt paint finish?

Yes, Ceramic Guard can be applied to matt finishes. The matt paint acquires more colour depth combined with a light silky shine.

What does Ceramic Guard protect the paintwork against?

The Ceramic Guard coating protects paintwork against the following contamination: chemicals used during washing, tree sap, industrial pollution, traffic dirt, UV rays and sunlight, acid rain.

To which parts of the vehicle can Ceramic Guard be applied?

Ceramic Guard can be applied to wheels, windows (except for the windscreen!), colour-coded bumpers, plastic components and headlights. The Specialist can tailor the treatment to your exact requirements.

Can Ceramic Guard also be applied by the consumer?

No, Ceramic Guard can only be applied by a specialist. The product is not available to the consumer due to the application method.


Does the Ceramic Guard or paintwork require maintenance after treatment and if so, how?

To maintain Ceramic Guard, we advise that you wash the vehicle monthly with Ceramic Wash. This is a shampoo that has been specially developed to feed the Coating. Please note, when washing the vehicle, make sure you do not get sand or dirt between your sponge and paintwork as this will cause scratches.

We also recommend the application of Ceramic Glaze once every 3 months to maintain the coating’s water-repellent protection in optimum condition.

With a Ceramic Guard treatment can I still use the car wash?

Yes, in principle. It depends however on the quality of the car wash as to whether the Ceramic Guard will be damaged or not. It is always better for the ceramic coated paintwork to be maintained in accordance with the stated procedure.

What can be done about bird droppings on a Ceramic Guard treatment?

Bird droppings contain aggressive elements that will penetrate the Ceramic Guard over time. It is best to remove bird droppings as soon as possible with a soft sponge and warm water. Always allow it to soak.

Does Ceramic Guard protect the vehicle paintwork from stone chips?

Ceramic Guard does not protect against stone chips.


Can Ceramic Guard be applied to an individual area of the vehicle following damage?

Yes, the specialist is set up to do this and can treat only the repaired area upon your request.

Can the cost of Ceramic Guard be claimed from your insurer if it is damaged?

Yes, the treatment is usually considered to be part of the overall value of your vehicle and is reimbursed by most insurance companies, even for partial treatments.


What are the Ceramic Guard guarantee conditions?

You can check the guarantee conditions here.

Is the Ceramic Guard guarantee specific to the purchaser?

The ceramic Guard is not specific to the purchaser but specific to the vehicle. The guarantee can therefore be transferred. Please be aware of the conditions attached to this.

Can I extend the Ceramic Guard guarantee?

Yes, this is possible with CeramicGuard4life, a lifetime guarantee.